Save your badges and certificates

Before Learn Moodle closes at the end of April 2022, you should:

  • save your Moodle badges to Badgr; and
  • save your certificates of completion.

You can display both of these items in your Moodle Academy profile.

Save your Moodle badges to Badgr

Watch this video to find out how to save your Moodle badges to Badgr and then add them to your Moodle Academy profile.

Download the transcript: Learn Moodle badges to Academy (PDF, 55KB)

Download the video: Add Learn Moodle badges to Moodle Academy (mp4, 10.5MB)

Save your certificates of completion

You can download your certificates of completion from your user profile in Learn Moodle.

There are two types of certificates you might have:

Both of these are available from your Learn Moodle Profile. See the following screenshot to see the two places My certificates appears under Miscellaneous in your profile.

Once you download them, you can then upload these documents to your Moodle Academy profile in the Achievements section under Other Certificates.

Achievements > Other Certificates

Name these files clearly, as the filename will be displayed on your Moodle Academy profile.